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Bosw8er 4th August 2004 12:50

HOWTO : home FTP setup
Home FTP setup HOWTO

Install an FTP-server
Default installation-port of the server is typically port 21. Maybe you have to alter that port to a port above port 2000 as “lower” ports may be blocked by your provider.
Let’s say you choose port 3500.

Make sure the server supports fxp (server to server transfer)

If you are behind a router make sure the choosen port(s) are forwarded to the PC where the ftp-server is installed.

Depending on your correspondant you may have to enable passive transfers. Look up the settings in the ftp-server.

Next thing is to make a directory in which you want to receive/send files.
Let’s say you choose D:/ftpserv/

Now make a user in the ftp-server which has control of the directory D:/ftpserv/

In a home-situation you probably have a dynamic IP which make connections more difficult as you continiously have to send your current IP address to your correspondent. External programs like “no-ip” and “dyndns” will give you a domain (like or which will keep track of changes of your dynamic IP. This is done through a small program which you will have to install.
If you don't want to install dynamic forwarding you can use this site to show your IP if you're behind a firewall :

Now the only thing you have to give to your correspondant =
- the name of your domain (ex.
- the port from which you are serving (ex. 3500)
- the name + password to connect

All thanks to Evangeliz for thorougly testing !

jmke 4th August 2004 12:56

good info!

TeuS 27th September 2005 17:12

don't forget to also forward the passive ports (always in the high range). some routers/firewalls automaticallyl forward those related ports, but usually they don't.

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