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jmke 26th May 2002 00:54

HOW-TO: XP333 Memory Enhancement Tweak
For anyone that has upgraded to the January 16/17 BIOS for the XP333 they have more than likely notice a severe decrease in memory performance. Even though this BIOS revision seems to be more stable than the December 13 and even the November 29 BIOS they probably will not be able to live with the lackluster memory performance.

Well there is a fix to all of this. You will need WPCREDT and WPCRSET for this, all you need to do is change offset 78 to a value of 80(this has been aptly named the DimSum Offset for its discoverer).

Before the tweak my memory scores at 170 2/normal/2.5 with a 1/5 divider, I was getting about 1550/1515 in SiSOft Sandra Mem after the tweak my scores jumped to 2115/2045. Yes over a 500 point gain.

Keep in mind that this tweak has no effect with a FSB under 150 it seems that Iwill slackened up the timings above 150 with the 0116 BIOS. If you would like more info Head over to the Iwill Forum at and have a look around or post here and I will post a link.

Good Luck and Happy tweaking.

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