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RichBa5tard 17th June 2002 16:55

polish guide (quickie with pics :)
Did someone ever buy one of those highly overpriced PCmods fangrills? No? Well, i did. The design (of some) rules, the laser cut finish is awesome, but my black Heavy Metal T-shirt even shines harder. Damn, how can you brag with something that doesn't strikes the eye from 100 meters away?

Therefore I've come up with this mini-guide how to polish your stuff. :)

Tools needed:
- sandpaper: 600 grit + 1200 grit (1 fine & one coar$e)
- a (bad) towel or piece of cloth
- metal polish

I went to to the local drugstore and bought me a flask of "HG metaalglans" (~6).

The victim: a 120mm PCmod lasercut grill "swirl":

Pretty desing, but if it ain't shiney, it ain't worthy to be a part of my case. :D

Step 1:
Lay a sheet of coar$e (~600 grit) sandpaper on a VERY flat surface, e.g. a piece of glas. Lay the grill/waterblock/... on it and start to move it around in circles. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes and change the direction frequently (clockwise/counterclockwise).

Repeat with fine sheet of sandpaper.

After your done with that, your grill should look something like this:

A little bit more shiny but filled with scratches from the sandpaper.

Step 2:
There are two ways to do this:
1) the instructions on the bottle will tell you to put some on a piece of cloth and rub it agains the alu/copper. This works, but it takes a LONG time before you get a whole grill done.

2) my way: lay an (old) kitchen towel on a flat surface, and poor some metal polish on it (some, not much). Lay the grill on it and start rubbing in circular movements (much like you did in step 1).
When the spot turns dark, change to a new spot on the towel.

After 10 to 20 minutes, clean the grill with water and watch the effect. If it's not shiny enough, repeat step 2. :)

When done, you should get something like this:

These pics don't do justice, it's MUCH better than original. :D

And here's one on a lianli top (how rich am I? :king: ):

And here's a lapped DangerDen waterblock & holder:

My eyes! I better wear some :^).


fredperry 17th June 2002 17:02

:o waterblok is vewwy nice :super:

temp gain?

RichBa5tard 17th June 2002 17:10

Nope, I only polished the topes & sides. Polish may let your WB look prettier, it doesn't actually flatten the surface (so I've been told). I did lap the bottom though, but didn't bother to check the temps...

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