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TeuS 1st April 2003 21:42

HOW-TO: networking for dummies
setting up a LAN with broadband Telenet sharing

you need:
-server PC with 2 NIC's
--> old P1 without screen will do
--> mind the quality of NIC's. I bought 3COM's @ local HW store for 10/piece, it solved the troubles I had :/

-->10mbits for office stuff, surfing etc. 10/100mbits switch if there are lots of users + file transfers

-client PC's with NIC

software config:
WIN NT/2000 is best for this stuff. Win 2000 is used here

configging Telenet broadband NIC

LAN NIC of the server

basically the same config as under win 2000

IE config of client

1. make the 2 machines part of the same workgroup, this will make it more easy
computer, properties -> computer name ->change

2. turn off server and client's
3. boot server
4. boot clients
5. check whether you can 'see' the other machines
6. use a firewall, but I don't know anything about that :/

shoulda work now :super:
use remote administrator to work with the server machine (like I do, screen isn't necessary)

Good luck!

note: I'm not a networking expert. This is how I established my network at home and it works fine. Feel free to post recommandations!

jmke 1st April 2003 21:55

great english writing, BAD Dutch OS :p

Da`Hitch 1st April 2003 22:01

Way to go TeuS :super:

Bosw8er 1st April 2003 22:06

Great info

love the arrows :D

TeuS 2nd September 2003 20:37

The telenet DNS servers have changed, please update your config &

Proxy isn't required anymore either

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