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jmke 26th May 2002 00:53

HOW-TO: Fitting a VapoChill
Vapochill fitting guide
1. Fit the motherboard into the case.
2. Very gently bend the hose as required, so that if you were to drop the evaporator, the copper contact area will drop directly in the centre of the socket on the temp sensor , without applying any pressur or guidance. If you can manage this, then fitting should be hassle free.
3. Unscrew the screws to their max.
4. Now coat the centre of the socket and outskirts in STD white thermal compound, to help prevent condensation and corrosion.
5. Don't forget to place the foam square in the centre.
6. Now get a cloth and very gently clean the bottom of the evaporating, do try not to move it at the same time though. Now don't let it drop down on the socket or it'll be covered in compound againm, get an assitant to gently hold it higher than the socket.
7. On your processor remove the rubber feet, and apply Artic Silver 2, use a little more than normal though.
8. Now with one hand gently hold the evaporator above the socket, and drop the CPU into place.
9. You must apply plenty of pressure all round whilst lowering the handle, but whilst still holding the evaporater above the CPU, two pairs of hands help here.
10. Now hold the evaporator directly over the CPU, and gently clip the metal shrouds over the socket lugs, whilst moving the evaporater as little as possible.
11. Now hold the evaporator central over the socket, whilst hold the metal shrouds in place, and turn each screw one turn at a time. This makes sure the pressure from the evaporator is lowered equally which will prevent damaging the core.
12. Once nearly at full tightness, 2/3 full turns away, make sure the evaporator unit is perfectly square with the CPU and adjust as necessary.
13. Now fully tighten up the evaporator turning the screws equally.
14. Now your kit should be all fitted OK, and your CPU undamaged.
15. Now you need to check for air leaks, to do this get a small piece of paper, and try pushing it under the evaporator (between CPu ceramic and evaporator gasket). If you can slide the paper under, than slightly slacken the screws equally, and adjust the evaporator housing again, gently equally tighten the screws, do this until you cannot push the piece of paper under the evaporator.
16. Your kit should now all be fitted, if you get no display, then you probably did not apply enough force when pushing the CPU into the socket, do it again. If you get very low idle temps like -20c, then you don't have proper contact between the CPU core and evaporator, you need to refit.
17. If you perfectly fit the evaporator, then your idle and load temps will hardly differ, and you should constanty be at minus degrees temperatures right up to 2Ghz of CPU power.

Hope that little guide helps Apocalypse m8, as the Vapochill is an awesome piece of kit, and I find it easily to fit CPU's, and up to now I have tried 5+ different CPU's, and fitted the evaporator over 10 times, and still yet have to damage a CPU, which I hope NOT to do.

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