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sfarabi 25th April 2007 21:04

Zalman vs Tuniq
I have a question about the cpu cooler.

I looked at both Zalman 9700 and Tuniq 120 and I can't decide on which one to get. I am building an AMD system. Please help me choose :)


Tuniq 120

sjaak 25th April 2007 22:43

tunique owns it
Zalman coolers arent good for overclocking, the tunique is
U can look for the new thermalright ultra 120+
I think thats the best cooler, but the tunique is good though.
On xtremesystems is a comparing test of a modded 9500 and a tunique, i want to give the link but doesnt work now.


sjaak 25th April 2007 22:54

was wrong
the scyte infinity is good 2.
the review was a ninja vs zalman 9500 nvm

jmke 26th April 2007 00:35

he's asking about 9700 :) which is a step up from 9500 series.

Both coolers are high class grade, get the one you can buy the cheapest, as performance difference will be small.

sfarabi 26th April 2007 12:17

Thanks guys. I really appreciate the help :)

sjaak 27th April 2007 23:49

9700 9500
I know the 9700 is a lil bit better than the 9500, the tunique tower is a lot better in my opinion especially at low fan speeds.

priji 11th February 2008 07:06

Cooling Results
The Zalman 9500 and 9700 are both excellent performers in CPU cooling at stock speeds. However, as overclocks were raised, neither cooler was particularly outstanding in the ability to cool the CPU under stress conditions.

maher 18th February 2008 10:12

maybe that this zalman is better (MAYBE, I dont believe it is) in performance, but if you looking my choice wuld be tuniq

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