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4PLaY 11th June 2009 12:10

Xigmatek Thor's Hammer CPU Cooler: Questions
Xigmatek Thor's Hammer CPU Cooler:

Hi, I was looking to use this on a foxconn blackops, I'd like to make sure it fits though, can anyone tell me if it works?

I intend to use the blackops bundled NB Fan.

Any info greatly appreciated. :)

jmke 11th June 2009 12:29

you got a pic of the mobo? is the S775 version? which one :)

4PLaY 15th June 2009 03:27

over here: check it out.

4PLaY 25th June 2009 03:11

Please, someone help me.

nigel 26th June 2009 17:16

i would recomend looking for another cooler :)
I have been testing that one and wel you need 2fans to get the best results.

And I think its going to be a close call.
but i would not take the risk

4PLaY 27th June 2009 23:29

What do you suggest? Besides the usual TRUE120 I mean?

nigel 28th June 2009 07:46

Thermaltake BigTyp VP
coolermaster hyper N600

4PLaY 28th June 2009 08:28

is that CM Z600 or N620?

nigel 28th June 2009 09:47

CM Z600
it works excelent with eather 1 fan ore 2 fans :)

4PLaY 28th June 2009 15:38

Thanks, I could consider the Z600, but not the BigTyp, I don't know, I guess it's just me, this will be my 1st foray into Intel Core technology, I currently have an AMD S754 Platform with a Thermalright XP120, so I feel like a tower heatsink this time, so here are a few other's I'd like to throw in the mix, and also a brief background on where I am and what I can readily get from where I am.

I am in the Philippines, and here are the following Heatsinks I consider, and what I can get from here.

1. Thermalright IFX-14
2. Most Xigmatek stuff
3. OCZ Vendetta 2
4. Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer
5. Prolimatech Megahalems
6. And ofcourse the suggested CM Z600

It's the same problem, I need to know how they fit on my Foxconn Blackops, would they work with the included NB fan installed on the NB, and I would prefer airflow going out at the back of the case. I could consider them even without the NB fan, I just need to know though. :)

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