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windwithme 4th June 2006 06:10

World-first analytical testing for The Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800!
There have been some analytical reports talking about Intel Core 2 Duo
continuously since the beginning of year 2006.
Its powerful performance is not only better than the old version of Pentium,
but is also starting to gain some reputation in performance
against AMD K8 structural configuration two years in advance.

Before the official launch of Intel Core 2 processors on the 23rd of July,
we°¶ve already read a number of relevant testing reports,
and the device has always shown great performances.
The Core 2 is, in no doubt, to be a super-generation precursor
in stunning performance of CPU.

As it has been know that the highest class of Core 2 existing in recent
market is E6700, the device has a frequency at 266°—10=2.66GHz,
FSB1066, and 4MB L2 Cache. In addition, there is another
Core 2-renamed device called E6800 to X6800 and positioned
at XE edition has also been released not long ago.
The frequency of the latter is 266°—11=2.93FGHz, FSB1066,
and 4MB L2 Cache.

let°¶s check the back of the hardware first.
(the front side appears to be the same as the Pentium,
no difference is significant)
The device on the left hand side is Core 2 Extreme X6800
The right one is Pentium D 950 C1

In order to operate the most powerful CPU, some computing
equipment is indispensable. That is,
the MSI 975X Platinum v2. X (it is different from v1.0 of Conroe support)

The component used in the CPU socket

The Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3 was taken to act as the
testing memory module.
Its DDR2-800 CL3 4-3-9 has been known to be
the best configuration of module existing in the market.

MSI 975X Platinum v2.X
The main page of BIOS

CPU external frequency ranging form 266 °V 425MHz

The v2.x version has the adjustable CPU voltage ranging from 1.21V °V 1.58V

DDR2 voltage used is from 1.8 °V 2.35V

Testing platform
CPU: Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800
MB: MSI 975X Platinum 2.X
DRAM: Corsair TWIN2X2048-6400C3
VGA: ELSA 6800Ultra
HD: Seagate 7200.7 80GB
POWER: AcBel 550W
Cooler: Tower112

It°¶s definitely a new CPU that is not known to many users,
but let us run the software to identify most of its functions first.
EVEREST is the most frequently updated software and has the best
performance in identification. It can recognize the previously
device with a code name E6800.
The CPU-Z is still slow in updating,
so it has much more identification errors than the EVEREST.
Its range of the default voltage is about 1.25-1.3V (CPU-Z false identification)

It works at a frequency in 2.93GHz and DDR2-667 CL3 3-3-4


There are 3 types of CPU performance benchmarks in EVEREST

The new generation of CPU firstly testing analysis°V Intel Core 2 Extreme X6800

The frequency can achieve 300°—11 without adding more voltage to assist.
This function is almost the same to the highest level of Intel Core 2 eXtreme E8000, which will be released in late 2006.

Air cooling system runs at 3.75GHz, 1.58GHz, verified by CPU-Z (not limit)

The best of top 3 stunning equipments installed altogether inside the device,
which are leaded by the Intel Conroe,
have shown to achieve the amazing performance results in this analysis.
The up-coming future testing analytical review will be continued shortly.

Sidney 4th June 2006 08:09

Sweet :)
How is the thermal dissipation?

The Senile Doctor 4th June 2006 09:17


agent #2 4th June 2006 09:46

Nice work!

geoffrey 4th June 2006 12:56

How much for that combo? :grin:

Seems to be a great cpu. Can other Conroe cpu's hit the same frequenci?

The Senile Doctor 4th June 2006 13:10

would this fold twice as fast too?

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