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vlap08 10th September 2008 23:10

What mobo for a tri-crossfireX?
hello all,
I'm going to run in a few days 3D benchmark with three HD 3850 512 mo. My question concern the motherboard, I don't know if it is possible on an asus P5E64 WS Evolution?
What is for you the best motherboard (socket 775) for a tri-crossfire?

jmke 10th September 2008 23:13

should work physically, but are all those slots at least PCIe x8 ?

vlap08 10th September 2008 23:15

This mobo is so nice...
I think it is going to make pcie 16x 16x 8x.
On my P5Q3 it makes pcie 8x 8x 4x :(

jmke 10th September 2008 23:19

what you could test is performance on the P5Q3 with two cards, first all two in x8 then one is x8 and other in x4 to see what difference it makes.

vlap08 10th September 2008 23:23

I\'ve read an article on madshrimp on this subject, there is a serious difference in 3D benchmarks on P45 and X48 with a crossfire. I have tested by the past the two chipsets and I confirm this difference. For 3D benchmarks X48 is better than P45. But to torture and burn the cpu, P45 is a dream...:D

jmke 10th September 2008 23:43 ?

don't know how much impact it will have for benches;)

vlap08 10th September 2008 23:55


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 223652) ?

don't know how much impact it will have for benches;)

Yes, I was thinking at this article!! (nice memory jmke!)
I'm going to see that with my E8600 on dry ice...
I think the best mobo should be the Maximus extreme wich allow pcie 16x 8x 8x (but I don't know his max fsb), or the P5E64 WS Evolution in pcie 16x 16x 4x...
I think I'm going to run my bench on a P5E64 WS Evolution...:D

jmke 11th September 2008 00:34


Originally Posted by vlap08 (Post 223654)
Yes, I was thinking at this article!! (nice memory jmke!)

if you google for X48 vs P45 or X38 vs X48 or P35 vs P45 etc and add Crossfire you end up on that page :D

blind_ripper 11th September 2008 08:52

p5e3 premium here (X48) runs 16x 16x pci-e 2.0 and 16x pci-e cf :D

jmke 11th September 2008 09:38

but what about tri-CF;)

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