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Makaveli7 4th January 2004 23:06

What DDR Ram
Hey Guys. Been looking around for the best quality RAM that dosen't cost a bomb. I was looking at Corsair 512MB DDR XMS3200C2PT Platinum CAS2 as it wasn't too expensive and has a good reputation. Plus i was wondering if anyone know how OC'able it was cuz i saw a version that had "aggressive memory settings". Would that be better?

thx in advance


Kris 6th January 2004 19:40

What's up Makaveli7 (WEST SIDE!!!) :D :D :D

If you want some cheap RAM, that'll perform excellent, I suggest you looking at Kingston HyperX PC3000 or PC3200 (non-a version).

The HyperX PC3200 (non-a version) is REALLY hard to find, but you can still find the HyperX PC3000.

The HyperX PC3200 (non-a version) is with Winbond BH-5 chips, which is probably the best memory chip today.

Some HyperX PC3000 also use this chip. Some of the PC3000 are rated 2,5v, which are believed to be BH-5. And then some PC3000 are rated 2,6v, these are believed to be BH-6, which is almost (if not just as good) as BH-5. There's a bit uncertaincy with this 2,5v=BH-5 / 2,6v=BH-6 rule though. But I have heard this at several forums, but if anyone can confirm, that this rule is true or false, please post...

But in my opion, you can't go wrong with the HyperX PC3000. As I wrote earlier, they are believed to use eighter BH-5 or BH-6. You will get the around 220-230MHz@2,8v with the best possible timings 2-2-2-5. And this is whether you use the BH-5 or BH-6.

Finnish Macci uses these RAM too, he has got them at around 270MHz 2-2-2-5. w00t w00t :D But if I'm correct, he uses 3,68v to get there! :D

I see you are from Scotland, so here's a link from the UK, where they have them. You may be able to find them cheaper, but here's what I have found.

Not a bad price in my opinion...

2*256 = 87.38
2*512 = 155.06

Whatever you decide to buy; Good luck with your buy... :D

Makaveli7 6th January 2004 23:06

Thx Kris

Just realised HyperX is Kingston. Was looking around all the online shops searching for Hyper until I realised. Looked around and found Kingston HyperX 512MB 3200 DDR 400MHz CL2 KHX3200A/512. is this the same memory as u suggested or is it a different model. is it the bh-6 u spoke about?
this RAM was available for 77.55

Thank u very much for spending so much time helping me. Never really looked into RAM that much and never realised there were that many differences. I've only just started OC'ing my processor and am about to start the RAM.

Thanks Again

:klap: :woot: :klap: :woot: :klap:

Gamer 6th January 2004 23:37

this is where I bought my OCZ, verry good service.

jmke 7th January 2004 08:46

"found Kingston HyperX 512MB 3200 DDR 400MHz CL2 KHX3200A/512"

nope, you have to get the none-A version as Kris said :)

Kris 7th January 2004 09:13

jmke is right Makaveli7.

The version of the HyperX you found is the A-version. It uses CH-5 chips, which will probably overclock a bit higher than the BH-5, but with much worse timings.
And I see you have a Barton 2500+, in which case the BH-5/BH-6 will be the best buy for you.

If you could please post your full system specs. like motherboard, cpu (I know it's a Barton 2500+ :D), then it'll be easier to help you.

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