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JoniNItro 25th November 2004 05:01

Well guys here is both....Case mods and overclocking
I got two weeks off after recently returning from a deployment, and whats a better way to spend that time then modding. I had good success with my prototype/experimental watercooling setup. I soon found that I didnt like the external setup much. Took up to much room and couldnt make it look how I wanted it too. So I decided to tear everything down and start over. I got some new toys along the way to inlcude: Cylinder type acryilic res, Black Ice Pro II rad, pci relay for the pump. So lets see what this thing used to look like.

The boring old case:

The thing I didnt like was the huge vents in front. I didnt need that much airflow so I am getting rid of it.

Here is a complete shot of the old setup:

Well for the most part it is done. I have some tweaking to do and I need to wire up the lights. IT WORKS!!! I left a paper towel under the gpu block by mistake, but not leaks yet. Enjoy the pics

JoniNItro 25th November 2004 05:03

Now for the overclocking part

I have a p4p800-e deleuxe with no bios updates. I was wondering if a new bios flash would help OC. Also are there any other setting in the bios that would help OC beside FSB, memory refresh rates, and voltages. Anyone else have this board and have any OC problems? Thanks

Well after a million restarts this is where I am at. I got it to boot under the following conditions, but it wasnít stable. If there is anything I missed let me know. Looks like the RAM just doesnít like being messed with a whole lot. I really wished this would run at 3.4ghz stable. Its not a big deal really I just donít like not achieving goals. So I am stuck at 3.35Ö close. FYI any attempts to rebooting resulted in a crashed bios and it had to be cleared. I am on a P4P800 deluxe with original bios. I am not real sure how to flash this thing and donít want to screw it up.

FSB 260
RAM 5:4 320MHZ
AGP/PCI 66.66/33.33
CPUV 1.675
DDRV 2.85
AGPV 1.6
Performance Mode Auto

DRAM Idle Timer Auto
Refresh Auto
Spread Spectrum Disabled
ICH Delay Enabled

I really thought this system would hit like 3.4 or 3.5.....I am sad

JoniNItro 25th November 2004 05:12

Some lighting shots. Definitley am going to have to light up the inside a bit more. Another UV light on the backside and maybe an LED fan in the side panel. I am doing a totally custom side panel becuase mine got thrown away at work.

Sidney 25th November 2004 07:15

Nicely done; thanks for sharing.
My 2.6C won't go anything higher than 255FSB; yet the 2.4C I sold would do 275. So, I guess it is heavily dependent on the chip.:)

JoniNItro 25th November 2004 07:34

I have a 2.4C think it would be worth sticking it in and seeing if I can go higher. If I got it higher than a 255 with the 2.4 then I am looking at a CPU limit on the 2.6 right.

Thanks by the way

Sidney 25th November 2004 08:20

No sweat;)
were you in the Middle East?

JoniNItro 25th November 2004 15:58

No I was down in South America. I am more than likely heading towards it ME sometime this summer

jmke 25th November 2004 16:15

time to either lap that HDD or make a window in its top :)

jort 25th November 2004 17:40

youre very right about that jmke ;)
think i have to start with my windowing my maxtor.
but i have a problem, because i wanne put some leds in and there aren't any connections where i can solder the leds on .:grum:

JoniNItro 25th November 2004 21:47

Cant window that type of HDD. I will polish it better soon though

I do have an update on my overclocking though.

with the 2.6@3.3 and a 255fsb I would get the following scores

3dmark2k01 21602

3dmark2k03 11857

I wanted to know if my cpu was limiting my fsb or if my ram was so I stuck in my spare 2.4C and

I am running 3.19@262fsb

3dmark01 21312

3dmark03 12095

So it was my cpu causing all of this. I am pretty happy right now, because I didnt shell out another 300 bucks for some faster ram.

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