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Roswell 8th April 2004 21:39

WC: parts-check
* Cape Coolplex 25cm extern 29,90 EUR
* Black Ice Radiator II Pro schwarz 79,00 EUR
* aqua-computer EHEIM 1048-Anschlussset 6mm p&c 7,90 EUR (anti-vibrate set)
* Eheim 1048 230 V 46 EUR
* Anschluss-Satz fuer 1048 (plugncool gerade) 6,5 EUR
* Entkopplungsset fuer Pumpen 7 EUR

177 euro together (+- fast count :p)

Blocks CPU-GPU-NB: Frigus engineering ( ) 100 euro together

Anything you would change?

Cables and water-additive i would by in normal store

quarantaine 8th April 2004 22:03

blackice 2 is 10mm or 12mm fittings and your pump has plug n cool fittings?

those frigus blocks come standard with 10mm fittings so i would make everything al least 10mm.

for the rest i think it will be a nice set.

Roswell 9th April 2004 17:41

Then what do i need for pump?


Einschraubtülle 1/4inch auf 10mm
Schlauchklemmen und Teflonband empfohlen
EUR 2,90

Or this?

Einschraubtülle 1/8inch auf 10mm

Metallausführung - speziell zum Umrüsten von aqua-computer-Wasserkühlungen! (Passend für cuplex, cuplex EVO, twinplex, aquatube, aquadrive...) Schlauchklemmen empfohlen
EUR 2,90

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