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187(V)URD@ 3rd March 2004 12:53

WC parts
I got some question where to buy some wc parts.

Like those screws with springs on it to attach the wc block.
The tubes and a Y part.

Can you buy those in a local tool store ?

187(V)URD@ 3rd March 2004 21:36

somebody know where you can buy whitewater or how you call it ?

kipni 3rd March 2004 22:04

in .de

187(V)URD@ 4th March 2004 15:54


Originally posted by kipni
in .de
Yeah but i don't see me driving to .de for a copple euro's ...

yeah thx for helping me all

silencer 4th March 2004 16:01

myby this can help:

last page of the artikel:

The Asetek water block can be bought for +- 80, while this custom made CPU block cost less then half of that price!
Danger Den has a similar chipset water block which costs +- 40 , but Danger Den products are hard to find in Belgium and if you want to order them yourself the shipping and taxes will cost you more then the cost of the block... same can be said for the VGA-block.
At the time of writings, this revision of home-made water blocks cost around 35 each, not too expensive right?!

So, for these of us who live in Belgium, the Netherlands, or somewhere in the neighbourhood, these blocks are really worth your consideration.

I would like to thank Cees for providing us with these blocks.

For more details on how to order these blocks, you can mail him.

piotke 4th March 2004 16:05

decent, easy to use bloks, cheap, and will be shipped to you for only a couple of Euro's ('Olland)

187(V)URD@ 4th March 2004 19:30

Well I gonna make my CPU block myself because it isn't difficult to make one since I have the education for it.

Only buying some parts are the like like tubes and some bolts weird springs and offcourse the Y piece.

Dutch : moet er gedestilleerd water gebruiken ?

Someone tryed inox and copper together in watercooling ?
I use the Inox for in -and outlet.


piotke 4th March 2004 19:33

you need ditilled watter + anti freeze, not because of subzero temps, but it prevents the growth of alges.

If you use more then one material, copper & alu by example, you niet a product called waterwetter, to prevent ionisation.

187(V)URD@ 4th March 2004 20:25

the last thing i need to buy is a radiator , someone know a good shop for radiators in .be ?

piotke 4th March 2004 21:04

hard to find in be.

but I would recommend, very fast and decent shop, shipping cost depending on the weight, starting from about 5 .
In 1 week I had my dual fan rad. Fast !

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