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0rbi 11th October 2003 15:05

Watercooling: reservoir + pump
I'm a good informed watercooling noob who wants to buy a reservoir and a pump.
From all i've heard it was always Eheim, Eheim, Eheim and a was thinking, maybe there is something else?

I searched the internet and found a Nextcool Watertank 800 wich is a reservoir with a pump inside. Looked cool so i went out reading revieuws on that reservoir, didnt find much though...

It has got a powerful pump: 800l/h and can contain 300ml H2O.
Nice specs right? I also read the pump was pretty quiet when working.

so should i buy a eheim+aquatube or the nextcool?

i really dont know what to buy, the aquatube is very nice in mod's ;)

Da_BoKa 11th October 2003 16:17

yes, the nextcool is cool and good, it alsow saves you a lot of space

i think it's best to look at your budget, if you don't have a lot of money buy an eheim or something like that and build your own res

if you have plenty of money buy that nextool


ThommY 17th October 2003 16:16

Ive got a nextcool WT for sale! Never used it!
Pm me for details.

0rbi 17th October 2003 17:05

why never used it if i may ask?
max 60

ThommY 17th October 2003 17:18


Originally posted by 0rbi
why never used it if i may ask?
max 60

Ive got 2 of them:^D
Needed them for my WC project. In the end i only used 1.
60 exlu and we have a deal!
Mail/msm me here

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