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GiantKiller 1st July 2005 12:57

Watercooling: mono-ethyleen-glycol ?
I would like to fill up my watercooling setup again.

Went to my local hardwareshop and found demi. water and a bottle of coolingwater.
Specs. : Anti corrosie and good cooling.

It is based on mono-ethyleenglycol. May I use this for my watercooling setup and how much do I need ?

Thanks in advance

kristos 1st July 2005 23:54

maybe this can help:

GiantKiller 3rd July 2005 00:02


GiantKiller 13th July 2005 15:46

Having troubles , I think.
After running two weeks with 1/5 coolwater en 4/5 Demiwater I think I've got algea's.??
My eheim pomp is running 24/24. Still in my waterreservoir there are some white stuff floating.
Possible ?
It 's a closed system with a small water reservoir. About 1 litre of mixed water used to fill up my waterloop.
Useing tubes of the local hardwareshop. (green) I don't know if they are PVC or not.
Could this be the problem?
Coolingblocks are from Zalman (like the Resorator) about 6 months old.
Specs now .
AMD XP2800+Barton, Hercules Radion 9800pro at 34C at normal use of pc.

kristos 13th July 2005 23:53

I don't know much about WC but doesn't water wetter prevent the formation of algeas amongst other things?

GiantKiller 14th July 2005 07:56

I was thinking this also. Still I don't know what's happening.
Someone else having the same problem?

Sidney 14th July 2005 14:27

I did not have the problem after one year of use - 95% distilled water and 5% anti-freeze. The latter unlike the system is used below freezing temp; rather for lubricating the seals.

25 to 35C temp range is wonderfull for bacteria growth.:)

Make sure the stuff is not from foaming.

GiantKiller 14th July 2005 15:47

I am sure it is not foam. But I am using about 20 % of anti-freeze.
Perhaps it is too much. I will refill with 5% and see what happens.

Thanks in advance

GiantKiller 18th August 2005 14:51

After rebuilding my 'cube case' (posted in this forum :
filled the system with 5% of anti-freeze and is now running sweet.

stillstupid 11th November 2005 10:03

Why call it "watercooling" if it's really monoethileenglycol.Better term would be "liquidcoooling",right?

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