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DyNaRaX 5th September 2005 12:13

To watercool or not?
At this moment I have an Antec 1000 with 5 fans (4 on fancontroler, low speed) and my temps aren't that high (after 45 min Half Life 2).

mobo: 29C
CPU: 59C
HD: 29C
specs: see signature

Last week I won a Coolermaster Stacker with 550W Real power, 3 fan's, crossflow fan and a complete Coolermaster watercooling set (Aquagate Station, Aqua Trident, Aqua Turtle, NB block and VGA block) and now I don't know what to do, stay with aircooling or upgrade to watercooling.
I'm a little scared that I break something while installing the waterblocks on the mobo or gpu.

I don't overclock.

What would you do?

Sharpside 5th September 2005 12:58

Instal the h2o and start overclocking :p

DyNaRaX 5th September 2005 13:30

I'm happy with my current system, it does everything I need.

I'm thinking of selling the watercooling and buy me a TFT

Sharpside 5th September 2005 13:35

Thats an option ofcource, if your pc inst making unbarebly loud noise and your not planning to overclock, you'll be more with a TFT than H2O i think :)

DyNaRaX 5th September 2005 13:39

With the fan's at low speed it isn't that noisy.

And when I put everything into the Stacker it even could be cooler and less noise without the watercooling.

Sharpside 5th September 2005 14:02

Cant give you facts about that, i have a stacker but my pc is watercooled.
But given you got the crosflow fan with it your probably right :)

DyNaRaX 5th September 2005 14:07

little question about the Stacker, how many 5.25 to 3.5 bays are there standard delivered with the case?

Sharpside 5th September 2005 14:19

Only 1, but i've seen 4 in 3 modules for +- 15 in online shops, so not too expensive.

DyNaRaX 5th September 2005 14:24

it's not for the HD, it's for the floppy, the psu display and my fancontroller.

I have some bay's lying around here but the are white, time to paint them black

zachig 29th September 2005 06:47

Like Sharpside said, if you plan to overclock (I would do that) you should install the watercooling system. It's easy to install and you'll enjoy silence and lower temperatures and will have the option to overclock without problem. But, if you really not into overclocking, you should go and buy a decent TFT instead.

Anyway, GOOD LUCK.

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