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Master Shake 11th August 2008 00:34

Water Cooling Setup
I just purchased the Swiftech 220 Ultra setup with the MCP655 pump. My proposed setup would be 3 loops in parallel. A 1/2" loop just going to my CPU, a 3/8" loop going to my SB then NB in series, and a 1/2" loop going to my two video cards in series. I would have 1/2" tubing to and from my pump and radiator. Would this setup reduce the flow rate too much to be effective or does this sound like a valid setup? Thanks.

jmke 11th August 2008 08:14

hi there M.Shake :hello: welcome to the forums.
I don't think running them in parallel will give you any performance benefit, unless you each give them a dedicated pump, radiator. If they are all to share the same radiator/pump you will be better of putting them all in line one after the other. That would reduce total tubing length

geoffrey 11th August 2008 17:03

I don't believe there will be benefits of using parallel loops, unless you have dedicated radiator and pump like John said.

Sounds like you got some pretty neat stuff, shoot a picture when you got the system up and running :)

Rufus 18th September 2008 21:26

The best is to make 2 seperate loops, (with 2 pump's and 2 radiators) one for CPU, Nb and Sb and the other for you Vga's

With the stuff you have now just make one loop like:
pump - cpu - Nb - Sb - Vga's - radiator - reservoir - pump

I dought if your present hardware will be sufficient a 220 rad is a bit tiny for cooling al that heat.

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