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jmke 2nd August 2002 00:01

w00t Belgium @the TOP
The 2 fastest webmasters on the Madonion site happen to be 2 people from Belgium :)

guess who's second webmaster :)

Bosw8er 2nd August 2002 00:08

yippikayee !!!

cheerio, cheerio, ....

biCker 2nd August 2002 00:08

woot woot

Gamer 2nd August 2002 06:49

damn, it was a surprise :)

calantak should better email his score, he's the best on madshrimps now :hail:

Me not webmaster, only user :p

jmke 2nd August 2002 08:34


if you no webmaster, you not be in list
so you be webmasta!

The Senile Doctor 2nd August 2002 10:52

I've seen it too, it was on [H]

how can I be webmasta too?

Bosw8er 2nd August 2002 10:58

[darthvader mode] There can only be ONE ! [/darthvader mode]

Gamer 2nd August 2002 19:24

where is link to [H] calantak ?

new ram on it's way (from JC), lets hope the score will be better :)

jmke 3rd August 2002 00:03


Originally posted by Bosw8er
[darthvader mode] There can only be ONE ! [/darthvader mode]

that would be [Highlander] mode , n00bie :^D

The Senile Doctor 3rd August 2002 07:59

[H]: Fastest Webmasters:
The Fastest Webmasters has been updated at MadOnion. The place where you can go to see how your system compared to your favorite webmaster. I need to update my score, I havenít updated mine in over 2 months, but I guess I should now that scores are reaching upwards of 14,000 regularly.

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