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kr15t0f 9th October 2004 15:05

voltmod owns
yesterday I did a voltmod to increase the voltage of my northbridge. This is the result :D

before I could only reach 223 fsb :D. I didn't tried it any further because ther is now 1.8V on my northbridge. How high may I go?

You can see my ram is running 5/6. It only goes to 227Mhz super pi stable :( .

I removed the heatspreaders yesterday, and they are CH-5. Can I go higher with a vdimm mod?

jmke 9th October 2004 15:30

how much voltage are you feeding that NB ?

kr15t0f 9th October 2004 15:33

1.8V, 1.6v in bios, but 0.2 volt higher with voltmod.

BTW, on the screen my cpu voltage is a bit high, forgot to put it lower after I lowered the multiplier :D

jmke 9th October 2004 15:35

doh, you already wrote that in your post, didn't see it, sorry , what mobo did you use? and wha guide? :)

seems that .2v+ is quite effective. te NF-S can go up to 1.8v also by default no? or am I mistaken?

should not push it over 2v though, nForce2 chips don't like that apparantly ;) (ask richbastard)

RichBa5tard 9th October 2004 15:40

Mine fried at 1.95v. Be carefull. :) The northbridge chip is able to sustain 1.8v for a long if well cooled, but be sure the voltage regulators feeding the chip don't burn up (Epox motherboards).

jmke 9th October 2004 15:41 2A

kr15t0f 9th October 2004 15:42

my board goes to 1.7V but it undervolts a lot. I had to put it on 1.7 to reach 19* Mhz. :( . So I knew that my northbridge was holding me back.

I checked my voltage with a multimeter and It was 1.9V but the guide told me that the reading was 0.1V too high. So my bios is 1.6V (maybe thats like 1.5V) and the voltmod does the rest of the 1.8V.

Now I know that I have a good chip, but my mobo was bad because of the undervolting.

I want to try to go higher. I think I can reach it with that voltage. But the 12v rail of my psu is quiet low now. Maybe I try it tomorrow, now I have to work at a "spaghettifestijn" :D

edit: nothbrige is cooled by a zalman cooler with a 40mm fan and a 80mm casefan blowing on it. Even the cpu cooler blows air on the northbridge. I also cooled my southbridge :).

edit 2: If I go higher (fsb) without reasing the voltages, is there a risk to burn my mobo???

kristos 9th October 2004 17:31


Originally posted by jmke
what mobo did you use? and wha guide?
jmke NF7 rev2 allows up to 1.7V in the bios

*edit* I noticed on telenet that you had an NF7, still interested to know how you modded it.

It's amazing that there can be so much difference while essentially we have the same boards. You gain 40 fsb just by doing a Vdd mod I gained 0 fsb from the Vdd mod

jmke 9th October 2004 17:35

which is better then 1.5v from MSI :/

Sidney 9th October 2004 17:41

NF7 Rev1 also has 1.7V for the NB chip.

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