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jort 8th July 2006 21:09

Vmodding some nice hardware
Today someone came to drop some nice hardware at my place.

- Tyan K8WE
- 2X 7900GTX

Cpu's that are going to be used are opteron 280's or 285's :D

They needed some extra juice, it's anice thrill to Vmod Some hardware of 500 a piece :^D

I'll show some pics of the Mods;)

"7900GTX modded with Vcore and Vmem mod"

Tyan modded with Vdimm and Vcoremod( need to solder the vcore pot's)

I'll post some extra pics later.

This setup will be cooled with Dual Modded mach1 and watercooled 7900GTX and later maybe chilled.

Purpose= orb raping and crunshing


slvrl7 9th July 2006 16:20

what the advantages of these mods

piotke 9th July 2006 16:55

higher overclocks

Gamer 9th July 2006 19:57

more volts = faster = hotter :)

slvrl7 9th July 2006 19:59

can this vmod use on my Geforce 6200

jmke 9th July 2006 20:16


slvrl7 9th July 2006 20:39

your the master jmke.

Gamer 9th July 2006 20:41


jort 9th July 2006 21:22


Originally posted by slvrl7
your the master jmke.
it's not msn you know....

google is your master, not jmke.

slvrl7 10th July 2006 14:17


Originally posted by jort

it's not msn you know....

google is your master, not jmke.

no google is not my master because google is not human,the creator of google is the master.
jmke is the master because jmke has remind me.

long live humans,humans is the master nor other creature should rule the earth it's only for humans


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