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geoffrey 28th December 2006 22:32

VGA TUBE for xteme cooling
Needed one, the goal was to keep it cheap.

Here is some stuff I got for myself:

This is my basic idee of the base design. The final thingy in the middle was a lot smaller and almost no solder was left.

I got myself a 90° corner and soldered it onto the base, this is how it looks like:

A plastic holdown is used to push Armaflex at the back of the card onto the PCB so that no condens can form there.
I also used a second pipe to make to final tube longer, for example when using lot's of dry ice.

Tube mounted on a modded VGA card:

A shot of the backside:

For compatibility reasons I had to use smaller 'teases', the northbridge and CPU heatsink got in their way.

So... that's it for now, my first VGA tube has been born.
Shure there are lots of improvements, that's something to think of in the future.
For now I hope you like the pictures :)

jmke 29th December 2006 10:53

LN² ready? :D

geoffrey 29th December 2006 18:41

If we could get an inscurance to cover our losts, I would try it, for now it hold dry ice well for atleast 2 hours. But it didn't really improve overclocking, so sad :(

jmke 29th December 2006 19:05

what vga card? temp probe squeezed anywhere? readouts?

geoffrey 29th December 2006 19:21

I have a tempmeter in my tube but that is just so watch the aceton temp not raise to much. So, no temp probe, but there is a temp monitoring trick on the NVIDIA 6600 to read core temp. It goes down to +23°C, but that's enough to compare against normal heatsinks, so in some way I can say the contact with the core was pretty good. When I loaded some 3D the core temp went up to the middle 40's and to tube felt warm. Not the base, the tube itself. So basicly, I think everything went very went, except for the overclocking itself.

With the 77.77 driver (very good in 3D Mark 01 with those cards) I couldn't get high scores. OC-tools would let me go over 700MHz on the core, but when I tested it I got results comparible to stock card. So I loaded another partition with 91.47 driver, é voila, I was finally doing something. Though, the final stable clocks or just above the ones I got with cold water, nothing special.

Here is the result link:

Good enough to claim the WR, but not what I hoped for :(

geoffrey 29th December 2006 19:44

Benchmark rig overview:

Another overview:

The number of the beast:

Massman 29th December 2006 19:53

Next time, try to insulate the tube itself, that's one of the main reasons the temps sucked

geoffrey 29th December 2006 19:56

Temps got lower then -66 though, but you are right on that one PJ. I didn't really care this time, as I thought anything well under -50°C was enough to get good scores.

Massman 29th December 2006 21:59

Did the acetone go down to -66 or the coretemp?

geoffrey 31st December 2006 00:07

Coretemp, I wish :p
The aceton temp, but I remember getting lot's of better results when benching the FX57 with dry ice. Much aceton aint good, I really had to much this time.

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