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Sidney 19th August 2004 04:59

VGA coolers are getting bigger

They measure 28mm in width and 220mm in length.

The fan has ~70mm in diameter.

The question remains; should I take the Cruise with all the beautiful women or spend the money to get the vcard.:D

jmke 19th August 2004 09:11

here's the NV4x version:

pic @ Lapino:

RichBa5tard 19th August 2004 10:00

Re: VGA coolers are getting bigger
Time to update my grafic card cooler roundup. : ) I still have my R9700 Pro which I used in the previous testround.

Which other coolers should I include? The zalman 80D-HP?

agent #2 19th August 2004 10:36

I've ordered a arctic vga silencer, but it still hasn't arrived yet.

Makaveli7 19th August 2004 13:01

whats the best cooler for a 9700pro? I was thinking of dremeling a proper cpu heatsink and fan onto it but am too scared to risk harming my new card, unless anyone has any suggestions on doing this

jmke 19th August 2004 13:11

check out RB's videocard cooler roundup :)

Sidney 20th August 2004 07:32

I will have the 3rd one for NV coming yet. It's on backorder.;)
I received the two for ATI yesterday.

I have a good feeling that I will get either NV or ATI vcard soon enough.

agent #2 25th August 2004 18:29

My vga silencer arrived. Had some difficulties first. The blue clip on the back of the card was to big. It bumped on my NB cooler of my IS7-E. I used the original back heatsink of my hercules card and the whole thing fits right in.

It's really amazing how that thing performs! :o

Sidney 31st August 2004 04:41

From some of the reviews I've read, the performance from the Silencers varies from one brand or model of VGA card to another. It makes sense to me as not all VGA cards are created equal.

FrAmEd 29th October 2004 14:44

I gotta 9800 PRO n im having problems deciding on which cooler to get. The Ati 1 or Ati 3?

The Ati 1 is meant for 9800 Pros but doesn't come with ramsinks and has a smaller sink than Ati 3.

My Pro has the R360 core which runs a lot hotter than the R350.
According to Ati tool, my bott VGA temp is around 64. I guess thats allright while its OC'd but its getting above 75 during gaming.

Some guys have had problems with attaching Ati 1s on Pros so im guessing its probably not safe for me to try a 3. Still, though, will it be posible to stick a 3 on without any drills n stuff?

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