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blakerateliff 13th February 2006 05:01

venice core voltage w/ waterchilling
I have a waterchilling setup with my
athlon 64 3299+ venice core and have the
cpu pushed to 2.9ghz 1.7v and temp are

idle: 61F-65F/16C-17C

load: 92F-95F/33C-35C

Should I up the voltage as long as the temps stay ok.
If so how much higher should I go.
I'm shooting for 3ghz
Any feedback would be appreciated.


jort 13th February 2006 06:27

don't go above 1.75v on a chiller.
with some good phase-change 1.8v.

wutske 13th February 2006 06:35

Indeed, don't go any higher. You're now overvolting the chip 0.4v, that would be like you're running an XP @ 2.05V or a P4NW @ 1.9V

blakerateliff 13th February 2006 07:18

Should I add a gpu or chipset waterblock to this loop when i get a better pump
the water coming off the cpu block is still
very cold. The heat from the cpu is barely
enough to keep the water in the mini-fridge from freezing.

jort 14th February 2006 16:22

yeah do the gpu, chilling the nb isn't so usefull;)

blakerateliff 14th February 2006 23:39

Thanks jort will do once i get some more cash. I was wondering if you know
a. how low before onboard temp sensors become inaccurate inaccurate are they normally

jort 15th February 2006 06:42

normaly the lanparty is pritty on track,
check with smarguardian or mbm5

2 => nobody can say:) normaly a few C

blakerateliff 15th February 2006 06:45

thnx jort and congrats on the batman project

blakerateliff 15th February 2006 06:46
tour of the warehouse neato

jort 15th February 2006 11:46

cool :o

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