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jort 27th February 2006 16:40

Vapochill supercharged with danfoss NL11F
Today i replaced the danfoss FR8.5 with an NL11F,
i allready did some mods on the unit but this was the last thing that could improve the performance of the unit.

Few months i added a desuperheater in the unit.

The new compressor installed.

Then the temps, This -69 was in windows with a Dothan 780 on 3.2 ghz and 1.6V. Pritty sweet i think.(offcourse the sensor is off)

3.5 ghz and 1.7v biosshot.

quick windows test at 3468 mhz and 1.7V and superpi 1M

I'll post some more screens with some info when i got them



jmke 27th February 2006 16:43

what's up with the BIOS color screen :)

Go for 100% OC ?

jort 27th February 2006 16:54

BIOS is cool, changes when it want's.
while benching the asus allready for couple of months we saw every colour possible.

100% :o no way we get 4.4:^D

4G might be true

Sidney 27th February 2006 17:50

Lian Li is for old people only;)

jort 27th February 2006 18:17

its not my unit so i don't realy care:D

Sidney 27th February 2006 18:18

Darn nice job as always :drink:

jort 27th February 2006 19:25

Tnx Lazyman;)

he left with a supercharged Rig, damn that mini sounds nice!!!

jmke 27th February 2006 19:26

AMD tech?

jort 27th February 2006 19:34


Originally posted by The Senile Doctor
is there anything you could do to further empower a vapochill LS? :D

Originally posted by The Senile Doctor
lemmeknow those results!

Originally posted by jort
I WILL!!!! ;)
i think the results are here :D:D:D


Originally posted by jmke
AMD tech?
promowork at vacation and weekend's;)

Sidney 27th February 2006 19:36

I miss my original Mini; 1970. :(

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