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Jimbo 3rd August 2011 19:10

Upgrading from Evga GeForce FX 5200
System is XP SP3 P-4 2.80 GHz 1.00GB RAM PSU 350W
ASUS MB P4P 800 Deluxe

I have the Evga GeForce FX5200 AGP and I would like to upgrade to a GeForce 6600GT AGP (1.5V) so I was wondering if my system would handle it or any other medium model

Thanks in advance

Gamer 3rd August 2011 21:41


Get yourself an 3850AGP.
Better yet, upgrade your whole system.

Jimbo 4th August 2011 14:19

Okay thanks, I know my system is very old but so am I :) just can't afford to right now, I just looked at the 3850 AGP and my PSU isn't large enough so do you have any ideas on one a step or two up from the FX5200 that doesn't have a cooling fan on it thats an AGP

jmke 4th August 2011 15:47

I wouldn't invest in an AGP system or upgrade, you won't notice the speed bump.
Save up a bit of money and go for entry level Intel Core i3 system; difference will be night and day with what you have and that €30-40 you'll spend on the 6600GT will be much beter spend on a new platform.

Jerre 8th August 2011 15:36

2nd hand 6600GT or 7600GT, more then enough for office stuff. MSI has a 7600GT passive cooled, hope you find one of those.

jmke 8th August 2011 15:59

Geforce 5200 is also enough for "office stuff";
I think he wants to do other things than office stuff if he's looking for a VGA card upgrade :^)

Jimbo 8th August 2011 22:34

GeForce 5200
Thanks for all your tips but I went ahead and got the GeForce 6200 and it does what I need it for so that a million for all the imput

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