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TeuS 30th May 2004 19:23

my 2000+ AIUGA is cooled by a stock 2500+ heatsink + 70mm fan forced on the heatsink. it's in a case with one intake, one outtake and dual fan in the PSU

all fans work at 5V. this is very silent but heat is a major issue, my CPU is idle near 70. the CPU is now downlocked to 1000mhz, and it's idling near 50 now. before, the top of the case and the PSU felt hot. now they're warm but it's not so bad anymore. the CPU dissipates at stock 60W, at 1Ghz about 35W.

I want to reduce the CPU voltage a bit because that's the real heat problem, and not the clockspeed nor the CPU heatsink (minimal airflow in the case)

the mainboard is an asus A7V600, unfortunately it doesn't support undervolting the CPU. what would be the best way to lower the CPU voltage, and what voltage would be optimal?

wattage calculator

RichBa5tard 30th May 2004 19:52

Hmmm, maybe you could replace it with a duron appaloosa, they're very cheap and work at 1.5v.

piotke 30th May 2004 20:48

can't you connect certain bridges to change voltage ? I know you can up voltage that way, so lower will also be an option I think

TeuS 30th May 2004 21:53

yeah I can, but the conductive paint I've got doesn't work well
I might wiretrick it, how risky is it actually?

anyway, what voltage do you guys recommend?
I'm not going to take this PC more then once apart :(

Vulk 30th May 2004 22:02

1.5V should be do-able @ 1400Mhz or so.

kristos 31st May 2004 02:34

can you test the proc on a board that does allow undervolting? then you can find out how low you can go, then wiretrick it to what it can handle

Sidney 31st May 2004 05:12

I'd check your temp reporting first. 'cause 35W is nothing; and should not present the temp you are seeing. I remember my 1.1 Ghz Celeron at ~30 Watts (similar die to AXP) without case fan never exceeded 40C. Put an external probe and see what it shows.;)

TeuS 31st May 2004 21:54

i've stuck a temperature sensor between the fins of the HS, it reads 45

outtake fans temperature: ~27

s1[]v[]0n 6th June 2004 10:36

And in the bios utility, what kind of themperature dus it says there?

TeuS 6th June 2004 12:01

it says 55, so that's realistic

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