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waifong 23rd February 2008 16:45

Ultimate Price War Extreme of Zalman in China
Ultimate Price War Extreme of Zalman in China

We are a distributor in China of Zalman a few years.We are hard and put much effort to promote Zalman that we have not take any marketing fee from Zalman. Zalman suddenly change distributor at Dec2006 to XFX.COM.CN that have not any meeting and discussion with us, and Zalman promise us nothing change about us and our selling channel in China. Zalman also said the new distributor will not rob and touch our selling channel. We only need following the High retailers & reseller price with XFX.COM.CN.

But it is not true, we find Zalman give up us . XFX.COM.CN touch all reseller channels and give them lower wholesales price. Although we are following the price index from XFX.COM.CN , but DEC2007 , XFX.COM.CN suddenly said our cost of Zalman will be 40% expensive as before ,because we are selling retailers price too low .Athough we have not selling low retailer price , but XFX.COM.CN and Zalman not hear any comments.We have hard to complain to Zalman about 1month everyday ,but Zalman forget the partnership with, XFX.COM.CN can do everything that they like.

We are fell so sad. We think again and again , it have not any method can protect the distributor in the world. We will lost all after the factory forget us. This action is to tell all dsitributor in the world , how can we protect us.

And we know the cost of XFX.COM.CN and 10% lower than us,The files is Cost of XFX.COM.CN from Zalman and new retailer price in China. Although China have 17% "Valued Added Taxes" , the cost of Zalman in China at XFX.COM.CN still very low.

At all , our action is selling cost price of Zalman in China . If you have any low price Zalman's products , please provide to us we will easy continously the "utimate price war of Zalman EX" in China. We do not care we sell one and lost one. We only need keep lowest price in China. The price list is very helpful if you would like buy cheaper Zalman in the market.

PS: -- "XFX.COM.CN is a division of PINE Technologies" , distributor of Coolermaster and Zalman in China also is a division of PINE Technologies. The distributor all use ???? keep contact with and Zalman.

Sidney 23rd February 2008 17:05

Sorry to hear this; frankly the table has turned. China has done this to many foreign investors. The contract agreement in between Zalman and Waifong should have covered in the event that this happens. However, Chinese laws and enforcement may make this next to impossible to persuit any legal action. You may want to persuit this in South Korea; you may have a leg there if China grants you the passport to leave the country and Korea grants you a visa to enter the country.

At the mean time, you should collect all necessary document, evidents, photos, witnesses statement and whatever to prove your case.

waifong 24th February 2008 06:14

Thank you very much and sorry disturb you.It is not ads, because all products is selling in China and price war in China only. It will not

sell to area ouf of China.

It is just to share events to all what happen in China

It only one method can provide , open All e-mail between Zalman and between

Sidney 24th February 2008 18:17

The reason I stated to persuit in South Korea is because Zalman is a Korean company and South Korean is governed by international trading laws unlike Mainland China. It is a long shot, not an easy one.

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