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leeghoofd 10th May 2009 21:53

For those to bench AGP
Due to the fact I smoked Massmans board (it's already 1 meter under the ground), I ordered a new Asrock 4CoredualSATA2 rev 2 beta mobo... it's a socket 775 mobo with AGP and PCI-E for both DDR and DDR2 rams...

Limitations :

1) max FSB 300 ( so you need a good cpu with a high multi ( style E7500 or Extreme cpu ) to get high CPU speed, though 3.3Ghz is more than enough

2) No Vcore setting in the bios ( voltmod required to give more than the VID detected)

3) Till now bad divider with DDR2 so needs to run 1:1 (meaning max 600mhz)
max 4 bank interlave possible and 2T CR

4) mostly GPU limited in benches (my FX5200 sucks ***, ATI 9550 seems promising, as does the 6800 GT)

If Pj doesn't want to have the new mobo, I can lend it out ( though if you smoke it, you prolly know where to order a new one :p ) for those that still have an AGP card lying around and want to get some small points for the team...

Will keep you posted how it evolves ;-)

jmke 10th May 2009 22:00

I have a few AGP cards up for grabs if you want Leeghoofd:)

leeghoofd 10th May 2009 22:02

I want to marry you !!!

are you still free :p

Massman 10th May 2009 22:15

The first board may be repairable :).

jmke 10th May 2009 22:15

made a boo-boo, no 7 series of NV on AGP sorry.
here's what in my desk drawer on AGP:

top left to right: Radeon 9700 Pro, Radeon 9700, Radeon 9500 Pro, Xabre 200
bottom left to right: Radeon 8500AIW, Geforce 1 DDR, 6600 GT, Ti4600

combined with your setup we can break some records :D

Massman 10th May 2009 22:20

Damn, team Madshrimps really needs a bench weekend (or even week).

Would be cool to organise a mid-week OC event in something like Center Parks or so :nana:. Barbecue-ing all week long whilst chilling with LN2, dry ice, Cascade and so on :flame:

leeghoofd 10th May 2009 22:20


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 237348)
The first board may be repairable :).

I hope you are right ;) otherwise the new board is yours ( Like I told you on ze phone)

I will dig the asrock up tomorrow morning then :rolleyes:

Those ATI 9x cards will give us some good and easy points John... maybe the 6600GT too... but first I7 roundup to be completed, then this

Massman 10th May 2009 22:24

Btw, to answer the remarks:

1) 45nm is not supported as far as I know, so you'll have to find a high-multipliered 65nm.
2) Vmod modification is no issue. If the first board doesn't work anymore, I'll mod the second one with the VR's of the first board.
3) Must re-study the board to see what possible and what's not. There was a certain combination of FSB and divider you had to boot at to get the highest possible frequency. With DDR2, I was able to run 3-2-2-X 1T, though.
4) Absolutely true.

I'm actually more fond of the idea to make this the team's AGP board then my personal one :D

Massman 10th May 2009 22:27

Oops ... E7500 IS supported apparently

//EDIT: then the E8600 should work as well, actually

leeghoofd 10th May 2009 22:33

My E7400 is supported but that's 10.5 multi max... (it's the rev 2 of your previous board)

I read somewhere about a strap change at 280FSB and then setfsb ya way up... will test later this week with some superpi's and everest bandwith tests to see what works best with my Gskills

My rams currently do 3-3-3-5 2T (high voltage selected in the bios), C2.5 is a no post (think mobo limited, there not ram limited)

My main issue here's the many unknown settings in the bios ; more trial and error here to see what works and what doesn't... but like it's running now it's already fine for my daily abuse :p

Also can you measure the mounting points of the PWM's on the RE plz, so I can see if my thermalright coolers will fit on that board ( so you just need to look for a SB solution )

Moff to bed now nite nite

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