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Teemto 20th January 2011 10:00

Teemto's bench log
In navolging van...

Currently testing: 2600K on P8P67 Pro
- Get better CPU benchmarks for quad core CPU (should be a lot better than my AMD setup).
- Make better use of Gskill Flare
- Get better AM3, 3DMark01SE, 3DMark03 scores than with my 1090T

Cards to be benched on this setup:

Teemto 20th January 2011 10:14

19/01 status

* CPU running stable on 5GHz (1,4V)-5,1(1,45V) with Corsair H70 watercooling
* RAM running at 2133 7-10-7-2T @ 1,7V

* 1,45V to 1,5V is needed for 5,2
* At 1,56V no boot in windows at 5,3 => will try booting with EIST on and using TurboEVO to crank it up once in Windows.
* Will test how far the Bclk goes as
* Need to make some 3DM01 runs with the 2x 5870's for stage 5 of the CC ;-D
* Also need to do some RAM timings tweaking: Need to check with the master Albrecht ;-)

Overall impression of P8P67: Nice value for money. EFI bios is not yet mature (probably to be expected).

Gamer 20th January 2011 22:36

Go go go :)

Teemto 20th January 2011 22:56

20/01 Status

- Updated bios to 1253. Feels a bit less quircky than the previous beta bios.
- Started running the HD5970 benches under Xp
- AM3 and 3DM01SE at 5.2GHz w/ HD5970 @ 900/1200 (with voltage increase to 1.087V).
- Others at 5.1GHz w/ HD5970 @ 850/1200
Just some quick runs. Maybe higher clocks after finetuning.
- Did the SuperPi and Pifast at 51x103 at 1.5V, WPrime32M isn't stable.
For higher speeds and voltages I'll have to switch to my phase change.

Next steps:
- Test the 2x5870's as one will go to my bro as B-day present this weekend.
(I'll see if I can warm him up to join the club with his E8400 ;-) ).
- Prep second SSD for Unigine DX11/Vantage/3DMark11 tests.

Pt1t 21st January 2011 19:43


Originally Posted by Teemto (Post 266473)
EFI bios is not yet mature (probably to be expected).

Asus Uefi bios is so far the more smooth and mature one :D

Teemto 24th January 2011 23:26

24/01 Status

- Second SSD with Win7 prepped
- Added another 50+ points with Sandy+HD4870 combo:D

Next steps:
Put the 2600K under phase, but that's for the weekend.

Gamer 25th January 2011 10:21

Great, we are above 13k points already !!!

Teemto 29th January 2011 00:19

29/01 status

WinXP benches done with 8800GTX +76.8 points and one gold cup:D
Not bad, but not satisfied with 3DM01 and 3DM03 scores. Will check out driver settings.
Reduced clock speeds a bit and 3DM01 and 03 are more to my expectations.
Total points added tonight: 96,6 still need to run Vantage.

Gamer 29th January 2011 05:05

Nice one Teemto, you almost had my score in aquamark !!!

I had 5800mhz 980x clockspeed, you only 5200 SB.

Teemto 31st January 2011 07:45

30/01 status

Tried to use the phase with the 2600K, but no improvement in clock speed and it didn't like the cold. Sandy likes it hot :D

So max CPU-Z for now is 5357MHz :rolleyes:
Flares run a lot better/stable on the 1155 than they did on the AM3.
Went as far as 1,6V on the core but 5400 is a no go.

So back to the H70. At least my electricity bill will benefit from it ;-)

Did some 9800GTX tests, rest will be for tonight. Managed to sneak ahead of some belgian guy called Gamer :woot: .
Seriously Luc, dump the 980 and get 3x 2600k's instead.

Next aim: 50 cups & medals achievement. With a couple more low cost GPU's that should not be to difficult.

Dreaming of a 5,7GHz Sandy and on the lookout for a GeForce 8800Ultra.

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