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jmke 9th September 2008 15:48

Team Members Introduction
Age: 29
real name: John
HWbot profile:
most rewarding OC: #1 GeForce4 Ti 4600 in Aquamark with 41734 marks, the whole 2.5 points :D

blind_ripper 9th September 2008 15:59

age: 19
real name: pieter-jan
HWbot profile:
most rewarding OC: first Ln2 and sub 10sec pi bench with jort :D , and other benches with massman

NO comment |D

Jip 9th September 2008 17:46

Age: 26
real name: Jean-Philippe
HWbot profile:
most rewarding OC: QX9650 wprime.

I must bench all my hardware on LNē...But i must ask at pt1t :D lol

Hey hey at the Versuz for the NY 2007/08...

Gotcha 9th September 2008 18:06

Age: 30 ( 12-09-1977 )
real name: Roger
HWbot profile:
most rewarding OC: CF 3850 (vmoded by Pt1t)

in lan ... after one night has to drink with Duke ^^

hoegaarden powaaaa ^^

jmke 9th September 2008 18:09

fix0red ;)

vlap08 9th September 2008 18:19

Age: 30 ( 12-09-1977 )
real name: Vincent
HWbot profile:
most rewarding OC: crossfireX 4870x2 + 4870, with a E8600 on dry ice.
Superpi 1 Mo under 8 seconds.
Wprime with a QX9650 on water.

Picture... Soon, I have to search a picture where I'm not totaly drunk...

jmke 9th September 2008 18:23

Am I the only sober person in this thread ? ;)

blind_ripper 9th September 2008 19:15


Originally Posted by jmke (Post 223561)
Am I the only sober person in this thread ? ;)

well i think so (hope's other member's will post also drunk pics :p)
next time u are at massman's or him at ur's ask him to play a drinking game he knows some :D .

jort 9th September 2008 21:18

1 Attachment(s)
Name: Jort Collijn
Age : 21 Years old 15/09/1986
Hwbot profile:
Most rewarding Oc moment: 2nd place of the world with 7800GTX of troid and 20.42 sec with dothan 780 of timtitanium

Piczure :D

BBQ with colleagues, i am the LEFT person with the bottle champagne ;)

Yes i know again alcohol :D:D:D

ps: sad thing that i don't participate in the overclocking anymore, due i have no budget and time or the feeling to overclock right now,
Might change but i don't know yet :)

jmke 9th September 2008 21:22

it will change mister Spikey, it will change! you're setting a trend, everybody posting below should include pics of them with alcohol :D

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