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FunSkilZZ 31st January 2013 18:21

Team cup 2013
So just read about the team cup 2013

lets go for victory :P

Teemto 31st January 2013 19:32

Just read is as well. Seems like Massman has now completely lost it :D
Wel'll have to start searching junk yards to find all those old CPU's :-p
Instead of a lot of stages it's now a lot of sub-stages.

I do like the live audience stuff. I've got some idea's:

- crash CEBIT, flashmob style
- perform on a cemetery (no-one said it should be an A-live audience)
- perform at a retirement home
- perform at Tones and ask Manu to mention there'll be free beer (that'll attrack the necessary crowd)

leeghoofd 1st February 2013 23:16

Stage 1M:

I have a CPU and mobo for:

Stage 3 Northwood 2.53 (533)

Stage 5 : Prescott 3Ghz

Stage 8 Windsor 4200 CPU

Stage 10 AMD Toliman 4200 CPU

Stage 12 Thuban 1090T (6200Mhz)

Stage 14 Trinity 5800K (6400Mhz)

FunSkilZZ 1st February 2013 23:36

in the afternoon i wil check what ive got :)

FunSkilZZ 2nd February 2013 12:02

looks like i aint got a lot :mad:

got :

2x 4870

AMD phenom II 955 (3.8 a 3.9 max on air)

AMD 3x 9500 (dont know unlocked cause got no mobo for it)

GTS 8800
and other stuff but dind see it in the list

Gamer 2nd February 2013 21:51

Lot's of **** here.

Will test it tomorrow.

Gamer 3rd February 2013 09:14

Just bought :
i7 965
Coppermine 933 + CUSL2
Pentium 570
Intel X6800

Abit nf7 : boot but agp problems + axia 1200mhz cpu :)
Asus A7n8 X : no boot


Teemto 3rd February 2013 16:34

Ha the CUSL2, used to own one of those myself (a looong time ago ;-) )
Nothing here of the old CPU's, except some Pentium 5xx which aren't allowed. No AGP cards either.

Jerre 3rd February 2013 22:17

have some northwood 3.0 in OC condition (3.9 Ghz...)
it's a 3.2 Ghz northwood, is this in competition?

Gamer 5th February 2013 04:58

No, only the 3.0 or 3.06 version.

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