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johnmuffins 22nd June 2006 22:08

Sudden Northwood Death Syndrome?
I want to push my day old processor higher but scared that SNDS might occur.

What is my safe max voltage? I use my system about 3-4 hours a day.

Right now here is my setup:

LGA775 P4506 (2.66ghz@4.2ghz) 1.6v (dual prime stable).

Max load temp is 48C/118F.
Ambient Room temp is 31C/88F.

cooling is a Triple Rad H20-120 water cooling setup.

CPU Right mark says Internal Vcore Requirement is at 1.388v.

thanks! thanks! thanks!

Sidney 22nd June 2006 23:28

LGA775 is not Northwood, it's Prescott.
1.6V is pretty high for Prescott. 4.2Ghz is mighty good. Pushing further, your dad's computer will be yours, dead :)

Kougar 23rd June 2006 03:13

What lazyman said. That's no Northwood, it's a Prescott. And Prescotts actually have a lower vcore than a Northwood, even if they tend to output twice the heat for it. I wouldn't go above 1.6v... I wish my Northwood would do 4ghz at 1.6v... ;)

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