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Stida 2nd May 2008 19:24

Stida's overclocking topic
Hey all!

However I'm not really an overclock-elite-trooper also joined the overclocking contest (we all need a little challenge, don't we??)

My setup:

CPU: Intel Q6600 (B3)
CPU cooling : Scythe Ninja CU
GPU: HD 2600 XT 256MB GDDR4 (Sapphire)
GPU cooling : Stock
MOTHERBOARD : Asus P5K (no mods)
MEM: Corsair XMS2 1024MB (*2)
PSU: OCZ 600watt gamexstream

I only have air cooling for this all, but I'll try my best!

Stida 2nd May 2008 19:54

2 Attachment(s)
For now, the stock results:

Stida 3rd May 2008 10:13

I did some runs this morning,
No ultra-high clocks yet, but it's almost 1000 marks better,

run 2

run 3

And SPi:

For the ones who like to see the system (It's also my normal work station, That's why I didn't take everything out)

geoffrey 3rd May 2008 10:35

So many fans pointed to your CPU heatsink, how did you manage to cool the mainboard northbridge though?

Stida 3rd May 2008 12:20

only the black one attached to the heat sink cools the cpu (and it cools the north bridge too, because it blows a bit under the heat sink too).
The blue one on top, pulls the air out of the heat sink too, and blows it on the hot backside of the gfx-card

The blue one on the bottom of the case cools the ram and the north bridge

Stida 3rd May 2008 16:29

And another Spi score (still not shocking)

and now back to school work:no: and theory for my driving licence :naughty:

Stida 4th May 2008 09:16

This morning, I had another run:


I'ts getting better..

3D mark couldn't complete the bench (I got a freeze and a lot of artifacts in CPUtest 2), with the cpu @3.2Ghz (400*8) 1.4vcore.
Huray for the vdroop!!!:shrug:

Massman 4th May 2008 10:50

Those are some pretty good runs. First time overclocker (as in to overclock for benches)?

Stida 4th May 2008 12:16

I already did some CPU overclocking (2.4Ghz --> 2.8Ghz for 24/7 stable), and ran a few benches just for fun and the looks :) (who doesn't love 3Dmark graphics??)
I had no experience with GPU overclocking yet.

So yes, first time to overclock for benches

Stida 4th May 2008 16:35

and another (little) update:

I pushed the cpu to 3Ghz (428*7):

GPU stock (800 core, 1100 Mem)

(Cpu 600Mhz extra --> 1430 marks extra)

GPU overclocked (860core, 1200Mem)

The difference isn't really shocking.
In some of the tests, the FPS is exactly the same. And the CPU test is a bit worse, but I think is was just a bit bad luck...

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