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jort 27th April 2006 18:23

Starting a custom made phase unit.
I gathered some components and i am almost ready to put it together.

Still waiting for the Custom controlling unit that i bought from a electronic engineeer from germany.

THis unit has the same parts like a Supercharged prommy but a larger condensor and a other case.

Going to make a dualhead unit within ~1 month. 1 for Cpu and 1 for GFX


- Spiral copper evap
- 3 row Condensor with 120mm fanshroud
- Danfoss NL11F compressor
- Custom made case in stainless steel metal.
- Custom electronic controller with front display in blue

Enough chit chat lets go to the practical side.

The copper evap:

The 3 row condensor with 3/8 copper tubes.

The board of the controller.

Installed into the case of the controller-builder.

Preview of the Metal case and some part's preinstalled to check the space inside and have an overview of it.

Lot's of screw's, 2 fangrill's and some other things.

Overview of everything thats going to be used in the Phase-change Unit.

i'll update later this week when i'll braze all the part's together.



jmke 27th April 2006 18:26

what heatload/temps are you aiming at?

jort 27th April 2006 18:30

~ -47 at 150W load and i hope ~ -30 @ 200W

with the mach2GT i had some wierd temps at 200W, about -23. going to test another thing now. i hope it will fix the tempbump @ 200W :)

Sidney 27th April 2006 19:00

Another piece of nice work incoming;)

jort 29th April 2006 21:34

mounted the rearfan, 120mm TITAN :)

Gamer 30th April 2006 06:47

cool :)

maybe one day, you can build me a cascade :p

easypanic 30th April 2006 07:43

I was first :p

jort 30th April 2006 10:00

who's willing to pay the most? :p

i'll tell you when i am ready to build a cascade:)

Dinges 30th April 2006 12:53

looking good jort :super:

jort 30th April 2006 15:49

still waiting for parts:( sleeving and controller.

Tnx Dinges, i hope you will enjoy the Frostmachine :D

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