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AJ. 8th November 2007 01:16

What's up with this lol? I recieved a PM today and it said:


Sorry to msg you out of the blue. Here's the thing. I wrote a book together with a friend. My boyfriend keeps saying it's no good. I think he's just jealous tho. He's a big time poster here, so I told him I'm going to pick a random person here, and ask them, and we ended up betting on it. So go to *** and call it either way. Good or no good. Thanks.
I'm not sure if that's a real person or not. I didn't click on the link out of fear from a virus or something.

Let me know if you guys want the guy (or girls) name. Don't want to post it up if it's a real user here.

easypanic 8th November 2007 04:46

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I received this today, anyone familiar?

April fool's day is still far away :p

jmke 8th November 2007 06:37

don't click on it, I will ban this spammer

A-star 8th November 2007 07:26

I received the same message, was about to send a message to you about it.

jmke 8th November 2007 08:26

It's spam alright

jmke 8th November 2007 10:13

more info beginning to surface:

=CDU=Above 8th November 2007 10:24

Looks like she/he is trying to act like she/he doesn't know who is doing the spamming.
Bunch of people are pretty pissed. One guy even made mention of hackin' her/him right back.
Screw the book, I'm more interested in the drama unfolding over there.

=CDU=Above 8th November 2007 10:36

Opps...too late.

If you're going to spam forums, don't pick tech sites to do so, they're just full of computer savi hacks just looking for a reason.

Edit: Damn, the link's working again. I thought someone already got'em.

jmke 8th November 2007 10:52

haha, he banned me; it's him that is spamming, the registration address matches his:p

from another forum where HE is banned


zenofeller Banned Member since: 6/11/2005 From: Cluj-Napoca, Romania for any inquiries.
and check the user registration:


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AJ. 8th November 2007 18:00

Yep, that's him (or her).

Spamming computer sites isn't exactly the smartest thing to do. :rolleyes:

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