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carlosvg 14th February 2007 18:09

'sup guys;

today I went to buy some candy for my pc, and all was going well until I noticed that I might be lacking space. I'll show you 2 pix and explain;


As you can see, the first pic is a Spire QuadroFlow VI SP513S6, with the following dimensions:
Heat sink : 959550 mm (l w h)
12VDC Fan : 909025 mm
And my mobo, which has a celeron d346 with the standard cooler on top;

Now while writing this post, I realized that I was probably wrong with my perception of the new cooler being for the heatsink, next to the cpu. But still not sure. Then again, is this new one any better than the standard one?
If anyone knows anything that could be positive for my situation, please reply!


geoffrey 14th February 2007 21:34

The heatsink design seems not be very different between those, and without the use of heatpipes it's hard to say if you really are going to notice any differance. Maybe it's less noisier...

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