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TeuS 7th July 2003 14:08

silent fans
I'm looking for silent 120mm fans. I've got some enermax fans here but they really don't push a lot of air when 'quiet'. I've got some 120mm delta's but at 7Volt they're too loud and at 5volt they don't start

So I'm looking for some new fans, any suggestions? requirements:
1. Very silent, at 5volt close to 'unhearable', absolutely under 25 Decibel
2. Not too expensive, 50€ AND transport to my place
3. Perhaps a bit fancier then a black color, they're placed in the top of my case

Titans seem to be on paper the hotspot, anyone here able to verify that? Sale-in @ Cosh is runnin right now

Titan AluFrame 120x120x25
Luftfördervolumen: 79 CFM
Geräuschpegel: 30 dba
Leistung: 3,36 W
RPM: 2000
Abmessungen: 120x120x25

should I wait until the next papst sale-in @, it'll be 10€ less expensive then ordering at cosh

get fans at, transport is free, they can order the fans for me

Papst case fan 120mm
Super quiet - about 19dB - with 3-pins molex
Price - 26.00 EUR

Titan fans are also available there @ 26€

three places to order and choose some kind of fan... your opinion please!

Bosw8er 7th July 2003 14:28

Always check fan - specs on the manufacturers-site.

I noticed many times that the dealer-specs (CFM & dB) vary A LOT !

Compare the following table for example:

Papst does NOT produce a 120mm 19dB fan

A rheo - fanbus will solve all your questions

TeuS 7th July 2003 14:39

quality rheo = expensive
selling my rheo atm cuz I don't need it and it doesn't fit my needs

AchMalAch 7th July 2003 15:45

I saw an alu fan in the store on the last occ, it was very quiet, evne with my ear next to it, and it pushed a lot of air.

FreeStyler 7th July 2003 19:04

how can you define quietness at OCC??

A Delta screamer would be quiet there.

BTW going to kick *** this weekend :p

AchMalAch 7th July 2003 19:51

Indeed it is, but I'm serious. A little bit further they were showing theur new 80mm ccfl fans and they were incredibly loud compared with the alu fan.

DUR0N 7th July 2003 22:11

i've heard @ colorcase that those titan 120mm fans are quite silent. :)

Bosw8er 7th July 2003 22:24

120mm, 79 CFM & <30 dB

Specs of the fans look a little too good imo (like a 80mm, 47CFM fan <29 dB :wtf: )

TeuS 7th July 2003 22:37


Originally posted by DUR0N
i've heard @ colorcase that those titan 120mm fans are quite silent. :)
can you compare one with a silent papst? I don't find those specs very reliable either :(

Hook 'em up at a voltage so they're silent (prolly 7v for the titan and 5v for the papst). check on noise level and airflow please ;)

Bosw8er 7th July 2003 23:31

Multi-directional air intake increases airflow while keeping the relative noise at minimal.

Maybe they'll have 120mm one's someday

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