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easypanic 8th June 2005 18:59

Sandy 3700+ on dry ice
Got my first (solo) day running some dry ice with my cpu.

As requested, I made some pics:

I used a container from Jort , well know throughout [M] (actually I won this thing :king: ).


Good contact :).

Good insulation ( you'll find it out if it was good enough :) ) , and you can see my TCCD Patriot sticks with the red, shiny heatspreaders.

I already got my ice pellets, so I didn't hesitate for the next step:

Filled up and what do we see:

No problem so far, time to bench :).
I got this sandy up to 3 GHz stable with my watercooling, after day of beching, this was the furthest I could get this cpu. I got a SuperPi run @ 3121 Mhz . Perhaps my score can be a little better, but I don't have any low latency ram atm. But benching was my minor worry, I wanted to be a bit more experienced with dry ice :D.

So I was running out of dry ice, time to disassemble my setup:

Oops, my insulation wasn't good enough. Air had gone between my Armaflex :(.

When trying to get the container off, my cpu got stuck to the container :rolleyes: . Being that cold, I couldn't get it off immediately :D . Time to bring in the heavy stuff:

5 minutes of blowin' some hot air and my cpu was saved....... "was" as I my finger slipped and pushed some pins on my cpu :( . A half hour of pushing and cursing was enough for a re-insertion in the socket. I had to use some force but it got in and my pc booted perfectly :D.

So my day turned out alright, I learned alot and I pushed my cpu a bit more to the edge :grin: .

Next time I'll use some more insulation :super: .

jort 8th June 2005 20:09

nice run there, yeah insulation is a pain in the but.

the Fx-55 after the world record sticked @ the same container's ***(it has a sticky ***)

next time try to get some wingbolts or how its called, that way you can increase the force onto the cpu.

maybe this showed that your cpu can fly on air but with the extreme cooling you stay low at the ground.
found your max maybe?

eventualy a good day :super:


wutske 8th June 2005 21:25

maybe if you drop de HTT multi and use divider to find the cpu's top whithout anything else interfering.

easypanic 8th June 2005 22:09

I know what I'm doing ;).

Ram was 2:1 when I searched for max cpu speed ;). I just reached it's limits for now. I was first stuck @ 3120 MHz, then I adjusted the HTT with one step at a time. After each step I ran a spi 1M, so I reached 3270 MHz, but by then I was out of dry ice :(.

easypanic 9th June 2005 20:13


Gamer 9th June 2005 21:19

cool :)

jort 9th June 2005 21:27

that what the same temp on the Fx-55


agent #2 9th June 2005 21:31

Fiew cpu saved. :)
Nice work.:super:

geoffrey 16th June 2005 15:14

Nice run, with some luck at the end :)

petervandamned 16th June 2005 15:40

Think DI is becoming a nice play thing :)
Until LN2 that is

no luck finding a good reseller in my home town or near by atm :(

they all talk about safety Like we don't know

one answer :

The best way to cool your computer is water.


that guy i send a real big email :)

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