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blind_ripper 12th December 2008 11:14

return of my hero
yes yes if found one of my most beloved card's again .
A X8X0 serie card .
this time i got a X850 XTPE , now if benched evry card in the X8X0 serie :p.

ready for testing , all-ready got a zalman cooler on it and next up is modding it .
we got to mod VGPU, IGPU (OVP mod), VDD and VDDQ need to be at the same voltage to get nice ram clocks ;) .
also cooling evrything from mems to GPU and mosfet's will be done soon , this card got 1.6ns GDDR3 witch should work great for all the benches and tweaks if got .

first things first and thats testing it stock with air , no all i need is a setup :D .


jmke 12th December 2008 11:30

plans for Dry Ice? :D

blind_ripper 12th December 2008 11:40

planning something colder john (NO COLDBUG) :D , think the TEK-9 3.0 is bigger then the card :D.

think off getting me phenom 2 after new year if its good stuff for benching .

mAlkAv!An 12th December 2008 15:00

Nice card. Have you already tested what are the max. clocks without vmod?

Btw, every X8x0 card? Even AGP ones? :)

blind_ripper 13th December 2008 09:11

if had X800 PRO on AGP witch still has some WR's with a AMD :D .
done X800GTO , X800GTO˛ , X850PRO , and X800XT and X800SE :D
so i think that this will complete my goal :D .

mark's to set this time : 800mhz Core , 700mhz mem . all WR in 06,05,03,01 and AQ3 :D

mAlkAv!An 13th December 2008 10:02

Good luck then :D
What about Mainboard and CPU?

blind_ripper 19th December 2008 19:48

VGPU and IGPU done :D , found some very good wire to solder with ;) .

2 more to go , did a fast run up on the core with the zalman sink :p .
640mhz core treu 03 @ 1.5vgpu looks good i think :D .

blind_ripper 23rd December 2008 00:19

nr1 op hwbot , but this is just kids play :D .
cpu on single stage and gpu on air , really kids play!

Massman 23rd December 2008 09:50

Nice work mate!

I reckon the other benches will be a bit more difficult, though :p

jmke 23rd December 2008 10:03

nice score indeed, 12+ HWboints which won't evaporate over time, as it's hardware points, not fleeing global ones:)

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