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piotke 18th November 2005 20:51

SNDS is when you use MORE then 1.7 volt for a longer period.

piotke 18th November 2005 23:29

You are not really chipset limited here. The chipset is designed to run at 200 fsb by default. So right now you are underclocking your chipset capabilities.

187(V)URD@ 20th November 2005 21:29

lol nice koensa but its going to die soon :D

jmke 20th November 2005 21:59

for Northwood: <1.6v

jmke 11th January 2007 15:45

bench every piece of HW you got and HWBoint it :)

jmke 11th January 2007 16:48

3DMark2001Se don't run on Voodoo ?:)

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