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jmke 5th August 2004 21:47

what time?

StaRflaM 8th August 2004 13:53


Originally posted by jmke
what time?
posting time

it's 13.52

jmke 8th August 2004 18:25

? what are you talking about, the webserver time is correct, check your forum profile for your time settings.

kutteke 17th August 2004 16:18


Originally posted by Laagvliegerke
No, it's like Gamer says:

You can only know what core you have, if you remove the heatsink of your card.

The R350 core is the "normal" 9800(pro) core.
The R360 core is the 9800XT core. This core has a sensor!

Some manufacturers user R360 cores for the production of their 9800 pro. Probably because they don't have enough R350 core's or because the R360 cores they use, aren't good enough for 9800XT's. So if you have a 9800 Pro with a R360 core, you can try to flash your 9800 Pro to a 9800 XT and then tools like ATITool will be able to read the temperature. If you don't flash your card, these tools will not recognise your card as a 9800XT and only a 9800XT has a temperature sensor.

Got it? :)

actually the pro's have r360 bcause they stopped producing the r350 bcause it's easier and cheaper to rpoduce 1 kind of core:)
the downgraded aren't used for pro's but for SE's

anywayz like my card (a sapphire 9800pro 128mb)
there are more and more like em hitting stores, they've got a 9800xt pcb, a r360 core, and 128mb 2.5 ns hynix mem :o :king:
mine does 480/410mhz with ramsinks and a vga-silencer and he never tops 45C
7504 3dmarkz is'nt bad for a 9800 pro don't you think? :super:
anywayz try flashing, here's a link to the guide i wrote:

have fun;)

Sidney 17th August 2004 17:31


After the system had heated up, at a system temperature of 37 C we measured the underside of our video card at 44 C. At stock video card and CPU speed this is hotter than we would have liked this area. It helps that our 9800 Pro's heatsink has a fan but this fan has very little draw, it really just keeps the heatsink cool. With the two 40mm fans running the GPU area dropped to 38 C, only a touch above our overall in-case temperature. This was a nice improvement over the previous condition and it would allow for overclocking the video card or maybe that 9800 Pro-to-9800 XT soft mod I have been thinking about...
Although I got 8C reduction from my own test, there are enough variables to get different result.

jmke 17th August 2004 18:21

wrong thread?

Sidney 17th August 2004 18:34


wrong thread?
Oops, and my body temp is running at 37.5C slightly above normal.;)

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