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StaRflaM 2nd August 2004 21:50

like thay said, REMOVE the hs and check the core ;)

jmke 2nd August 2004 22:03

just start overclocking ! :p

0rbi 2nd August 2004 22:38


Originally posted by StaRflaM
like thay said, REMOVE the hs and check the core ;)
i dont feel like disecting the neophrene and block again, i'll just use the wet finger methode to feel the temp ;)

as for overclocking, i'm at 450.90 core now, without artifacts for over one hour...
first i tried "find max core speed" and after an hour he was at 450.90 and kept on testing, but there are where no errors. so 450.90 will b the max?
(ATItool is kinda weird prog) :)

jort 3rd August 2004 19:19

maybe i reached 400mhz with ramsinks
maybe if you do a voltmod? i am going to try it soon

0rbi 4th August 2004 00:24

i got the ramsinks to this afternoon, @ 460 now going stable ;)

agent #2 4th August 2004 14:28

Can anyone tell me a good shop for a artic vga silencer? :(

Da_BoKa 4th August 2004 15:17

i thought loveno has them

agent #2 4th August 2004 16:58

Thx :ws:

FreeStyler 5th August 2004 02:03

comtech has them too.

StaRflaM 5th August 2004 21:40


Originally posted by FreeStyler
comtech has them too.

btw time doesn\'t seme to be right :x

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