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0rbi 2nd August 2004 11:46

Reading Radeon 9800 temperature
Hello, is there a sensor on the ATI Radeon 9800pro VGA card?
So i can read the temps :hello:

Gamer 2nd August 2004 11:49

if it's the R350 core : no
360 core : possible if flashed to XT.

0rbi 2nd August 2004 13:43

so there is a sensor but only when i flash it to higher level it wil be recognized?

jmke 2nd August 2004 13:54

only if your 9800Pro has a R360 core as Gamer stated

Laagvliegerke 2nd August 2004 13:58

No, it's like Gamer says:


Originally posted by Gamer
if it's the R350 core : no
360 core : possible if flashed to XT.

You can only know what core you have, if you remove the heatsink of your card.

The R350 core is the "normal" 9800(pro) core.
The R360 core is the 9800XT core. This core has a sensor!

Some manufacturers user R360 cores for the production of their 9800 pro. Probably because they don't have enough R350 core's or because the R360 cores they use, aren't good enough for 9800XT's. So if you have a 9800 Pro with a R360 core, you can try to flash your 9800 Pro to a 9800 XT and then tools like ATITool will be able to read the temperature. If you don't flash your card, these tools will not recognise your card as a 9800XT and only a 9800XT has a temperature sensor.

Got it? :)

0rbi 2nd August 2004 14:26

yep, but i just installed a maze4-1 gpu with pelt on it, and i'm not gonna unscrew the whole damn thing again :)

jmke 2nd August 2004 14:27

I would just start overclocking then until you get artifacts

here's a tool which can do this for you automatically!

0rbi 2nd August 2004 15:11

damn, i got R350 :'(

StaRflaM 2nd August 2004 15:41

how did you know ?

because prog's will say that you have a r350 core huh, even if it's an r360 ;)

0rbi 2nd August 2004 21:19

from the ATItool

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