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bizket 23rd October 2003 11:24

R9600pro mod guide needed!
like the title says ;) I need a r9600pro mod guide so i can do a VGPU volt mod ive already doone the FDD mod an it worked great :D my 9600pro is @ 506\754 but i think i can hit 530VGPU with the FDD mod.

so anyways if any of u know where i can get a 9600pro vmod guide lemme know !

Gamer 23rd October 2003 11:41

jmke 23rd October 2003 11:44

@bizket: interested in sharing how you did the VGPU volt mod? :)

bizket 23rd October 2003 11:54


Originally posted by jmke
@bizket: interested in sharing how you did the VGPU volt mod? :)
u mean the FDD mod? or the resistor im using to do the VGPU mod? there was a site i was using but i lost the link :( it was called something like unoids ATI 9600 moddin. if anyone finds that site again as i cant post it ok? :)

bizket 23rd October 2003 18:26

killed it. did the mod....then i dropped the soldering iron on my precious 9600pro which did do a total of 525\754....damn im the hell did i manage to drop the soldering iron on it!?! :(

jmke 23rd October 2003 19:33

ouch, no way to revive it? :(

Da_BoKa 23rd October 2003 22:04

what did you rewend ( vernietigd )


bizket 23rd October 2003 23:28


Originally posted by jmke
ouch, no way to revive it? :(
nope :( the iron smelted this lil......thing right off the PCB :( its ok i made it look all pretty and sent it off on its RMA it was supposed to have its only gone to the vendor so i think im safe as the ppl who check em at vendors dont care they just bung em an send a new one \refund :)

FreeStyler 24th October 2003 10:23

If you break it you should pay it.
Some articles on about this, and I tend to agree.

I actually get peeps over the floor that complain they can't get a replacement for stuff they clearly broke. (or warranty stickers removed and stuff like that)

jmke 24th October 2003 11:01


Originally posted by FreeStyler
If you break it you should pay it.
I support your way of thinking, by sending in units for RMA that you broke they only drive up the cost of the products they sell.

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