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jmke 25th April 2008 17:47

Questions about the MSI Contest Go here!
Got any questions about the MSI OC contest, fire them off in this thread

blind_ripper 26th April 2008 19:35

when can we start posting our thread's john ?

Massman 26th April 2008 20:15

right now :-)

jmke 26th April 2008 21:26

since yesterday;)

geoffrey 29th April 2008 16:47

10 days left, should I submit myself as I don't see anyone else posting scores :p

Massman 29th April 2008 16:50

Working on some SPi's and 03, will post my motivation later on :-)

jmke 29th April 2008 16:56

go ahead Geoffrey; at this current submission rate, your chance of winning a laptop is more than 20%, yes you read that right :/

PowerToTheUsers 29th April 2008 21:43

It would be nice to get a confirmation when your submission is received...

jmke 29th April 2008 21:53

if you start a thread in here and I complain, I did not receive your confirmation.
you are good to go btw;)

Pardons 2nd May 2008 22:01

good luck to those that are competing :)

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