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mentalcrisis00 18th August 2006 19:01

Q about Zalman VF900-Cu cooler
Got a bit of a question, i just bought a Zalman VF900-Cu video card cooler to go with my liquid cooling system for my CPU. Would've gone liquid for the VGA but this was cheaper and i'd rather be able to dissconnect my video card from the system easily and not have to fool with tubing.

But anyhow here is my question, it comes with a tube of zalman cooling grease, i have a tube of arctic silver 5 but some people have told me it's better to use the stuff that ships from zalman.

What do you all suggest? zalman grease or arctic silver?



jmke 18th August 2006 19:10

the difference will be a few degrees AT BEST, nothing critical or shocking I expect. There's only so much improvement to be had from thermal grease

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