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kristos 31st December 2004 04:27

prommy problems

Whenever the pc boots, I get an overclocking error so it prompts me to either load defaults and continue, or to enter setup.

when I choose load defaults and continue, I can boot withouth problems, but i can't overclock for sh*t because of the standard Vcore setting.

when I choose enter setup and the save and exit, the screen just goes in standby and I can't reboot the system.

All I can do then is cold boot, but then I get the same error again and it starts all over again.

plz :help:

thanks in advance,


asus p4c800e-dlx 1019 bios
p4c 2.8 M0

kristos 31st December 2004 16:46

ok quick copy paste cuz I don't have time right now, I'll answer more in depth later:

yes, I ran this setup previously without any problems up to 4 gig on air.
and with some prescotts who didn't' clock as high as the northy but overclocking itself was no problem at all.

the only "problem" if you can call it that was that sometimes I'd get the errormessage:

overclocking failed! please enter setup to re-configure your system. press del to enter setup or press F2 to load default values and continue.

but on air, I could just enter bios, leave all the settings unchanged and save and exit and it would boot without problems again.

now with the prommy, I get the same message (and a cpu temperature error).
I just loaded defaults, booted into windows and did a restart. went into the bios and changed only the Vcore and saved and exit.
bios didn't hang this time...

*edit* bios is displayed in odd colors now but I now changed ram divider and set pci/agp lock, saved and exit and it still boots :banana:

I'l do some more testing asap but it's newyear and I need to get ready ;)

happy newyear to all!! may it be a prosperous year :D

jmke 31st December 2004 16:51

1) remove/remount mobo
2) reset BIOS
3) Flash BIOS
4) retry

had same prob with my Asus P4C800

kristos 8th January 2005 00:04

ok, mounted everything outside the case and that seems to have helped. the bios didn't give me any trouble yet... but now I have other problems:

the proc oc's worse then under air!!

it did 4gig on air superpi 1M stable @1.7V bios (no droop)

but when I set it to 3.8 gig with clockgen it hangs and that's @ 1.7V bios (droop) 1.76V cpu-z.

another thing is that the prom goes from -60 under load to as low as -16 when priming.

and there's a spot on the hose where it feels very hot on one side and very cold on the other side, nowhere else on the hose can I feel such extreme temperatures...

jmke 8th January 2005 00:10

there might be a leak in the hose :(

easypanic 8th January 2005 13:57

You're hose isn't supposed to feel cold ....

Borked hose if you ask me...

Da_Priest 9th January 2005 10:41

I thought that less coolant in your system gave you a colder temp but the system isn't able to hold it that low.
so there might be a leak in your hose or something which would be the cause of less coolant in your system and give you these temps.

don't know if that explains the hot point on the hose though :s
normally you shouldn't feel any cold or heat on the hose.
The suctionline is normally pretty cold because of the cold gas comming from the cpu, but due to the insulation, you shouldn't feel that cold.
So especially no heat :s
the only warm thing thar runs over there is the captube...
Don't know if tha captube is run trough the suctionline in prommies... Maybe it's run outside and that could explain the heat your feeling....

anyone know if the stuff that I'm saying here actually makes sence?


kristos 9th January 2005 14:19

don't know about the less gass > lower temps statement but isn't it the other way around? cold coolant in liquid form comes through the cap tube into the block where it absorbs the heat generated by the proc to turn into a gasious fase again and escape to the compressor via the suction line.

afaik, the cap tube runs inside the flexible hose. but a crack in the hose may expose the cap tube enough to let some of the cold come through the isolation.

jmke 9th January 2005 14:42


Originally posted by kristos
don't know about the less gass > lower temps statement but isn't it the other way around? .

no, Calantak/Doc had/has the same prob with his prommy, leak in hose = very low temps @ idle, positive temps at load and system shutdown after 5min

jort 9th January 2005 15:23

less gas is less presure, less presure is lower temps but lower capacity too.
because the difference between low-side and high-side is higher now, the compressor now has to do more work so less capacity

hope that settles the theorie :super:

jort 9th January 2005 15:31

hope this helps;)
(these are just numbers to show the difference between press & temps)

Da_Priest 9th January 2005 16:35

Glad I was right about the less pressure, colder @ idle but less coolingcapacity :drool:

could somebody explain me what Psi is.(I'm guessing it's something like Pounds per square inch or something right :rolleyes:)
and some ppl talk about Psig too, is thare a difference?


gotta stop posting this fast without thinking hh :rolleyes:

kristos 9th January 2005 22:20

psi -->

psig -->

jort 9th January 2005 22:37

check the thread sometimes:p
i added that yesterday because i though someone would ask that:)

Sidney 10th January 2005 01:29

High pressure line pressure is ambient temp dependent; also type of freon dependent R12; R22 R34.

Da_Priest 10th January 2005 10:08


Originally posted by jort
check the thread sometimes:p
i added that yesterday because i though someone would ask that:)


I even read that :^D

And sry, never thought about searching google.
Guess I'm turning a bit lazy.
Plus I needed to study, so I obviously reply to fast without thinking...

sry :rolleyes:

thx ;)

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