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jort 26th January 2005 19:35

Project Dry Ice (pics are there)
Me and a friend of mine had some time ago plans of running dry ice, but never realy moved on.
Few weaks ago he gaved a link to a shop where you can buy dry ice.
Called today and its only for gent and 30km around it :(
But colin goes too indugaz and thats the closest nearby. i'll try too fix it to get it here.
Now enough talking around here are the pics of what we already have:D

i found this box @ work, its to store fish:^D. but it insulates very good(don't worry the holes will be closed):super:

Then i asked @ school that they wouldn't have a tube of about 6 cm.
they said look around (didn't find anything)
So i asked where do they might have it.
They said maybe @ technigroup (refridgeration company nearby).
called and said jump in and if we got it you have it:ws:
Jumped in today and got what i need.

monday i'll braze it tight and then its waiting to get some dry ice.


kristos 26th January 2005 19:42

It must be love, loooove, love :love:

jort 26th January 2005 19:45

ah btw i got 2 of 40cm :D

it might get your way ;)

and they have plenty there, all the size's you can think about :p
i took 5.5 cm because my baseplate is 6cm
next one w'll be around 7-8cm(tube)

kristos 26th January 2005 19:58

that'd be great! :D

in that case I'll be making a trip to Kasterlee soon :D

Da_BoKa 26th January 2005 20:08

drill some holes into the bottom plate! and dump in some lead balls, they say it helps for the temps

jort 26th January 2005 20:49

damn i knew we forgot something.
i'll draw it asap and my friend will drill it :D

kr15t0f 26th January 2005 21:27

no ln2 :(


hope you smash some records with your dry ice.

jort 26th January 2005 21:29

don't speed up :^D

they sell ln2 there but step by step.
because winnie have bootprobs @ xtreme temps.
but someone on XS said how you can boot without probs.
just making some experience first;)

kristos 27th January 2005 04:19

there's also new bios that allows some users to use sub zero temps, it fixed the problem for quite a few people but not for all of them though...

jort 27th January 2005 15:31

wow sweet, i'll try that for sure

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