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Gamer 16th June 2002 11:01

problems with Vapo-Lian-Li mod.
just take a good look at the lian li and noticed a problem with the PSU.
There is not enough space between the vapo and the case to put the psu above.
any ideas where I can put the psu ?

GORGH 16th June 2002 12:00

this is an lian case and i don't see a psu ???

maybe on the bottom?

GORGH 16th June 2002 12:09

Gamer 16th June 2002 12:33

didn't had that one, thx

GORGH 16th June 2002 12:45

i found that link on the vapochill-forum (search)

RichBa5tard 16th June 2002 12:46

Your gonna make a Vapo-Li? Gamer, I hate your guts right now. :)

Gamer 16th June 2002 13:56

ok, wish me luck :)

Gamer 16th June 2002 14:15

this isn't so ideal after all, notice how the vapochill unit isn't right above the socket, needs some adjustment.

TerAngreal 16th June 2002 14:20

smells like a [M]adShrimps article over here, Gamer :^)

GORGH 16th June 2002 14:31

bring your mobo more to the front

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