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quarantaine 24th December 2004 10:00

prescott and black ice extreme
i just bought me a secondhanded black ice extreme to get more room in my case (instead of my heatercore)
but when i now compare those 2 , there is a HUGE difference in cooling area.
i'm doubting it can cool a P4 3.0 @ 3.8 prescott (will put out 150W on load?) and the chipset.
i want relative silence so a high cfm fan is not an option and yet i want max 55 (for stability and the thermal throtteling) for the comparison pictures

anyone got an idea if this will work?

kristos 24th December 2004 11:51

depends, what are your temps now?

wutske 24th December 2004 12:09

Dunno if this is usefull.
(! For watts, multiply BTU/Hr x 0.2932

If you want to know the heat output of your cpu:

tought 89W at stock speed and volt (1.4V) and 84W for the LGA version (same speed, same volt)

quarantaine 25th December 2004 09:51


Originally posted by koensa
tryd it here to, gpu and cpu with a single 120mm rad is not an option
it was a ti4600 and 3.0, then i took car rad and temps were much better

with bi i had around 65!!

bah, i bought that radiator for nothing then :(
i should think before acting next time...

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